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Welcome to Westport Girls Softball This recreational league was brought about to provide young girls a setting to learn the game of softball. The atmosphere is fun and engaging for all the kids. Coaches teach the basics of softball at the Instructional level, hitting, catching and throwing. When they get to the Junior Division they begin to learn the fundamentals such as running the bases and hitting balls that have been pitched to them by their peers. By the time they enter the Senior Division; the girls are making plays, honing their skills and putting their heart into the game. Most of all, they are having fun at all levels. The league itself is a non-profit organization. All coaches, division directors and board members are volunteers. Most volunteers perform multiple duties. WGSL plays from the beginning of May and runs to early July. All games are played at the Westport Middle School fields.


2017 Board of Directors

President: Ken Silvia

Vice President: John George

Secretary / Treasurer: Bianca Carreiro